Wilkins Branch Mountain Bike Park

WilkinsBranchMTBPark Phase1_Map.png

Located on approximately 156 acres in Leiper's Fork, TN, this future MTB park will boast between 10-13 miles of flow, cross country and gravity trails.


Phase 1, located on approximatley 30 acres is now open to the public. The remaining acreage of the park has been designed by IMBA and paid for through the IMBA Trail Accelerator Grant.

We are currently seeking sponsorship money as well as applying for grants in order to continue the project into its next phases.

Wilkins Branch MTB Park property is owned by Williamson County Parks & Recreation (WCP&R) and will be operated and managed as one of their free public parks.​ Outdoor Encounter has partnered with WCP&R to oversee and manage the design and build out of the trails.



Phase 1 Map

Phase 1

Phase 1 is Open!! Thank you to our amazing Volunteers, Barry Smith Trail Builders, Williamson County Parks & Rec, and our financial donors/sponsors, we have been able to open approximately 3.5 miles of trail riding experience. 

This includes a Perimeter Loop, 4 down hill session lines, and a beginner loop for those just starting or wanting a good warm up.

Trail is open 8 am - Dusk daily.




IMBA designer with OE Team
IMBA Design_Wilkins Bike Park Plan1024_1


The Gravity Phase. Four downhill jumping lines have been designed and flagged by IMBA professionals on this section of the park. OE and volunteers have already cut in the uphill return line, leaving the teachnical building of the downhill lines to the professionals.

We are activinly looking for sponsors, since we will be hiring out the building of Phase 2. 

Please contact Rebecca Wynd at wilkinsbranchsocial@gmail.com for additional information




Phase 2
All donations go to Outdoor Encounter, a 501-c3 Non Profit and are used towards the creation of the Wilkins Branch Trails
Demand for Natural Trails

Locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally demand for mountain bike specific trails is growing, especially in expanding urban and suburban environments.


As a growing number of people live, work and recreate in urban/suburban communities, there is a corresponding growth in the demand for natural areas and natural trails within these communities.


The development of natural trails, including mountain bike specific, is essential in continuing to make Williamson County the #1 most desirable place to live and work in Tennessee.


Below are the current locations of mountain bike trails within the Greater Nashville area.

Please Note. ​



Tennessee Biking Stats
Tennessee Biking Stats
  • Percy Warner – 9 miles singletrack

  • Bells Bend – 2 miles (5 miles when complete)

  • Cane Ridge – 4 miles

  • Franklin/Cool Springs - 1.2 miles

  • Hamilton Creek – 5 miles singletrack

  • Lock 4 – 8.5 miles

  • Long Hunter – 4 miles

  • Montgomery Bell - 25 miles

  • Shutes Branch – 7 miles

  • Chickasaw Trace – 8 Miles

  • Wilkins Branch MTB Park - 3.8 miles

(10-23 when complete)


The Wilkins Branch MTB Park is the direct result of collaboration and partnership between Outdoor Encounter (OE) and Williamson County Parks & Recreation (WCP&R). 


The goal of this private/public partnership is to provide the public with a premier free-use recreational mountain bike park in Williamson County.


Outdoor Encounter has committed to assist with raising funds for the trail design and construction of the future Wilkins Branch MTB Park - an estimated cost of $500,000


WCP&R will fund and oversee the infrastructure of parking and restrooms as well as manage the ongoing maintenance of the various tracks and features as a day-use public amenity.